Felt have just been on a bit of world tour taking in Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Dongguan, and er Birmingham. We went to take a look at our new UPP products and other Felt stuff on display at the Spring Fair and Ambiente. Then we were off to the Far East doing new product development with WPL. Now we are very pleased to be home with the Felt family & friends and also doing what we like best: making stuff and doing ideas.

And it seems that our product is proving popular here and abroad. Nice to keep everyone happy.

Here are some snaps from HK.


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Our journal page is Felt Studios on-line magazine. We will keep you informed of all things new within the company but also and chiefly show you some of the things we like or find exciting in the world of Design or Science or anything that we think may interest you. Part of the journal will be about Simon’s ‘Freitag’ blog project, where for one year, on Fridays, he will be going on a one-day sabbatical to uncover new ideas, do some (very) random research, the odd day-trip & write or draw it all up.

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